Waddell Properties’ Activity Guide to Kirkland

Kirkland is one of the most lively and neighborly cities out there. You are pretty much guaranteed a smile and a wave from every passerby. There are countless beaches and parks throughout the city, as well as cute coffee shops, trendy boutiques, as well as fun nightlife as soon as the sun goes down


Sur La Table

Get involved with these fun cooking classes offered by Sur La Table. It is a great way to hang out with friends and learn a thing or two about the kitchen and new recipes you can make yourself! There are classes just about everyday and they are such an enjoyable way to get out and get social. These classes are perfect for nights out, private events, and date nights!

Northwest Paddle Surfers

Located at Juanita Beach Park and Marina Park, this is the place to rent stand up paddle boards and kayaks. They also have the perfect fits for the activities. They offer lessons and tours for Stand Up Paddle Boarding and classes like “PaddleFlow Yoga.” It is a great summer activity!


This up and rising form of exercise is a great way to get a workout in and get active. All experience levels are encouraged to join in. It is an intense workout but the payoff is spectacular and the atmosphere is great. Additionally, if you cannot find a sitter for the kids, there is a “Playlounge” offered for children in which they will be taken care of while you enjoy your class.

Marina Park

This waterfront park is the true heart of Kirkland. Many events are held here, like the Kirkland Wednesday Market. Behind the park is a strip of great shops and restaurants, such as “Wow Wow Hawaiian Lemonades” that produces superb beach day beverages. There is so much positive energy at this park.

Everest Park

This park is over 20 acres with accommodations for many different activities. There are basketball and tennis courts, trails, picnic tables and plenty more. It is a great place for summer barbecues, games, walks, and casual hangouts. It is not far from downtown so another nice thing to do is to order out and take your food to the park for a picnic.

Shopping and Restaurants

Essentials on Park Lane

There are plenty of adorable boutiques on Park Lane in Kirkland, making it a great place to stop and shop at any time of the day. This one in particular is especially great, thanks to their awesome staff. The people working here are very cordial and helpful; they would love to be of assistance helping you piece together the perfect outfit! They have great reviews thanks to their charming collection of clothes and the likable staff.

The Lime

This bar is a sociable, high energy hangout spot. They have great happy hour deals and menu items throughout the day. They feature games, as well as live music on the weekends, and occasionally Karaoke. It is a great spot to go for game day and they have a very charming staff. It is such a fun environment and attracts quite a crowd due to their great service.

Casa Ricardo’s

This outstanding Mexican restaurant not only has great food and drinks, but also great people. It is located right on the main drag through downtown Kirkland and is lively. Whether you choose to sit in general seating, or take your spot at the bar- you are bound to have a good time.

Zoka Coffee Roasters

This coffee shop has a warm, lofty vibe to it. It is very laid back and a great place to have an enjoyable cup of coffee. There is plenty of seating, almost guaranteeing a place to settle down. As with most people in Kirkland, the staff is awaiting to give customers a great experience. In addition to their main focus of coffee, they offer an array of tasty pastries and snacks.

DERU Market

This organic cafe is located away from downtown and is one of the best brunch spots tin Kirkland. All of their options are local and made honestly. They also produce the tastiest cakes and cookies that you cannot miss out on. They are open from breakfast to dinner and excel at every meal.

Lady Yum

This shop is also located on the main strip of downtown Kirkland. They offer an array of colorful and scrumptious macarons. Because there are not many places around here to get a quality macaron, Kirkland has been truly blessed with the presence of these sweet treats.